Saturday, March 31, 2007

United Nations...

Anyone who knows me knows I've been a pretty big fan of the UN. I've had the opportunity to visit numerous times these past few years and met people who work or worked there. That being said, it's difficult to argue there is not a problem.

The Security Council rarely accomplishes anything because the permanant members are states that were chosen in the fifties and are no longer the same power players they once were, but mantain control of the worlds largest most influential organization.

Now, I read that the UN Human Rights Council (an organ that has issues all its own to begin with) has taken the odd step of condemning "defemation" of religion. Thus, a group that is meant to arbitrate between states, and an organization that is meant to promote human rights is now wasting its time dictating speech.

If the UN is to have any relevence in the future, it seems massive changes are needed. I don't know if Bolton is/was the man to do it, but it sure as hell seems the status quo isn't going to cut it any longer.

It was acceptable in the 80's...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Break '07...

So I did take a couple of pictures my last day or two in San Diego. I go to breakfast with my Godmother at this reastuarant we reall like in La Jolla. We can sit outside, they have a menu with things like Oat Waffles with Walnut and Banana and appricot syrup. It's always fun to eat there and we enjoy it. After breakfast, we went to this little spot overlooking the beach that's absolutely beautiful. It's also where I ocassionally run when I'm home. But, I thought I'd share the following photos from the trip. The ones closer to the bottom are from my mom and my drive to Monterey.

My Italian Brother

I just emailed my old exchange student Alessandro, from Italy. He's a great kid and we are really close now...which is funny because we weren't so close when he lived with me. But, I guess that's what real siblings are like anyway. So, I told him I was moving to Texas and his response made me laugh. You see, when he got to the states, he flew into Georgia and drove to California with his original sponsor family (long story). He commented that every had signs "Welcome to Georgia!" etc. other than Texas, which had "Don't Mess With Texas." So I thought he'd find it funny I was now destined for Texas myself. He replied with the following:

it's nice to have somebody i can call brother...don't you think? Well, brother, be careful with those texanians (?), hope they are not all like your know i love politics...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

a graduated cadet...

On the dangers of learning to do ones own laundry:

ex-cadetX: I just recently learned how to do laundry the gay way
ex-cadetX: where you don't ruin the clothes

Sunday, March 25, 2007

With The Old Breed...

It's not often I find a book I must read for school absolutely involving. The History of Military Art, however, is a class that has given me more than its fair share of gems. The book I am currently reading for class is titled With The Old Breed and it is a memoir of a Marine in the South Pacific. His experiences were tragic, heroic and amazing. Here are three paragraphs that I just read that made me put the book down for the first time in four hours of reading because it is simply too powerful to not share:
The situation was bad enough, but when enemy artillery shells exploded in the area, the eruptions of soil and mud uncovered previously buried Japanese dead and scattered chunks of corpses. Like the area around our gun pits, the ridge was a stinking compost pile.

If a Marine slipped and slid down the back slope oft he muddy ridge, he was apt to reach the bottom vomiting. I saw more than one man lose his footing and slip and slide all the way to the bottom only to stand up horror-stricken as he watched in disbelief while fat maggots tumbled out of his muddy dungaree pockets, cartridge belt, legging lacings, and the like. Then he and a buddy would shake or scrape them away with a piece of ammo box or a knife blade.

We didn't talk about such things. They were too horrible and obscene even for hardened veterans. The conditions taxed the toughest I knew almost to the point of screaming. Nor do authors normally write about such vileness; unless they have seen it with their own eyes, it is too preposterous to think that men could actually live and fight for days and nights on end under such terrible conditions and not be driven insane. But I saw much of it there on Okinawa and to me the war was insanity.

American Idol...

OK, I've seen maybe two episodes of this show ever (I remember seeing Kelly Clarkson somewhere a couple of years ago and people flipping out and having no idea who she was...), but I clicked a link to this girl Melinda Doolittle. So, I watched her clips online and she's incredible. So...does anyone know when this show is on? I want to watch it now so I can see her and maybe even send in my text message vote so that she can win this thing. Yeah, I'm lame. Anyway, here she is (I'm youTube crazy lately)

Oh yeah, and who's that little girl crying for no reason? I saw another clip where Paula Abdul started crying...what's her deal? I mean, seriously...why was she crying?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Barbara Boxer...

These are two clips of Barbara Boxer, the first is newer than the second. I've blogged about how Inhofe is quite a moron before, so it was nice to see this:

This second one is her vs. Condi

I need to get down to DC while I'm still a cadet so I can see if I can meet her...that'd be awesome. Proud to be a Californian.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

random IM...

me: roomate and I are watching the news

her: yea...

me: and Tom DeLey just said something about how Newt Gingrich is a genius
me: and the guy asked if he's support him for president
me: and DeLay said, if he repented for cheating on his wife maybe
me: and I got all upset and called DeLay a fucking idiot because if a person cheats on his wife ten years ago has absolutely nothing to do w/ presidential ability
me: and my roomate flipped out
me: about how "cheating on your wife is fucking dispicable and no one who does something like that can be president"
me: seriously...why the fuck do people care so much about sexual ethics

her: because sex is sacred...
her: common adam

me: I have a zillion reasons to dislike Gingrich having to do with his policy, what he believes about govt. what he did

her: my vagina is a flower

Spring Break '07...

So, I thought I'd have lots of cool stuff to post about Spring Break, but as things go, that wasn't the case. I got sick for a couple of days, slept it off, drove up to LA, went out on a Tuesday night, came home, drove to Monterey and flew home. Other than that, there was nothing mentionable.

The drive and trip to Monterey were nice, and I spent some good quality time with my mom. I didn't even sleep most of the drive, which is a big thing if you know me. Anyway, I'll post as soon as there's something worth posting about.

I was going to write about the DA issue, and about how the media isn't even mentioning the important part (the lack of congressional oversight over the unlimited "interim" appointments), but decided I didn't much feel like doing so.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

$400 cape!

So, I found out that we're authorized to wear a freaking cape in the Army...yeah, a cape. It's only $400 bucks...anyone else think it's a good deal? I mean, when else can I wear a cape!? Mine would have oriental blue inside instead of that color...that color is only for General Officers.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Senator Kerry's Revenge...

So, apparently, a major contributor to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (he gave $50,000 dollars to the group) is now up to be Ambassador to Belgium. Kerry had a chance to question him when what follows were said.

First, Fox, before answering a question, said;
And I am very concerned with the amount of money that's going into politics and I'm more concerned about the fact that politics has become mean and destructive. And, when I was interviewed in 2000, I said that I was very… I was for campaign finance reform because I felt that if less money was going into politics, it would turn the whole volume down.
(keeping in mind, he paid $50,000 for the ads after the group had already been debunked.

Second, he said;

Senator Kerry, I very much respect your dedicated service to this country. I know that you were not drafted -- you volunteered. You went to Vietnam. You were wounded. Highly decorated. Senator, you're a hero. And there isn’t anybody or anything that's going to take that away from you.

So, after saying there should be less money and contributions to politics, he donated 50k to a group that tore down Kerry, then went on to say that Kerry was a hero. Interesting enough to begin with, but it gets better. Kerry then asked why he gave the money if he didn't believe in the group. That's when the following interaction happened:

Fox: Mr. Senator, when we ask lots of people for lots of money and we're asked by people for lots of money, we just generally give. I mean, we know generally what it's used for and that's it.

Kerry: And you don’t know who asked you?

Fox: No, sir, I really don’t. I do not know who asked me. If you were to take my 1,000 contributions and go right down the list, I bet you I couldn’t give you five percent of them… Of who asked me.

Kerry: Do you recall whether it was somebody in Missouri? Was it a person? Was it by telephone?

Fox: I have no recollection.

Kerry: You have no recollection of how that came about?

Fox: No, sir.

Kerry: Do you recall thinking about it at all?

Fox: No more than that somebody must have asked and I gave.

Kerry: Why, no wonder so many people are here to embrace your [cause].

It goes on from there, but the video is here if you want to see it...well worth the watching.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Blues, Beer and Sandwiches. When I think about DLI, that's what I remember.

It's Sunday today, and I'm in my room listening to the Blues. It's a little cold, the sun isn't shining, and I have no beer. If I close my eyes, I can vaguely imagine the sound of the surf and it takes me back...

We used to go to our beach, behind the Target and off limits. We were tresspassing. We'd take sandwiches and beer and go far enough out into the dunes that we couldn't be seen. The freeway far enough behind us we couldn't hear the cars.

The waves would come in and out and we'd lie there, half-drunk and silent, enjoying the sun and sand. When you'd sweat from the sun, it would stick to your chest and back and you'd have to roll over to keep from getting too hot. In the end, you'd be covered in sand and exhausted just from lying there.

We didn't talk much. Occassionally, Lee would ask some semi-deep question that had been on his mind. Adam and I rarely had answers, but it didn't really matter--we weren't looking for answers. Just enjoying the ride.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Malalai Joya...

She is the youngest member of the Afghanistan Parliament who ran on a platform of democratic reform, women's rights and against participation by previous warlords. Her story is amazing and, when reading her interview, I realized how far removed I am from the world. What I mean by that is, I tend to consider myself "worldly" and open minded and knowledgable about international politics and the like. In reading her interview and watching her story, I realized not only how little I know, but how Ameri-centric my views really are. It's odd, really, to suddenly realize that my paradigm is as skewed as anyone elses, and that I will never really be able to see the world in any other way.
In any case, I highly reccomend you read her interview and watch the film clips here. Hopefully, I'll see the documentary soon.

"While we hate the war-mongering and criminal-fostering policies of the U.S. government, we feel, acknowledge and thank the sympathies and support of the U.S. people and learn from their humanism and dedication. "

Thursday, March 01, 2007


My roommate is gone. I thought it would be cool, but I had no classes today, all drops, but a lecture after lunch. After four hours of sitting in here alone, I began to get bored. It was so quiet...I did all my errands and came back to the room. I walked around a bit outside, went to practice, then dinner, then came back to the room. I read some for homework and went to the firstie club. Somehow, coming back to an empty room just felt so much emptier after the day alone in here.

I'm pretending I'm a monk tonight...that every night is like this, and it's normal for me. I had no shoes on, and I imagined the linoleum floor was really rough wood. The wool blanket is easy to imagine because that's what I have too. In my imaginary cell is a single dresser with books, a single window and a washbowl. It's kind of odd, imagining myself as a monk, but, lately, it's not so difficult really.