Thursday, March 22, 2007

random IM...

me: roomate and I are watching the news

her: yea...

me: and Tom DeLey just said something about how Newt Gingrich is a genius
me: and the guy asked if he's support him for president
me: and DeLay said, if he repented for cheating on his wife maybe
me: and I got all upset and called DeLay a fucking idiot because if a person cheats on his wife ten years ago has absolutely nothing to do w/ presidential ability
me: and my roomate flipped out
me: about how "cheating on your wife is fucking dispicable and no one who does something like that can be president"
me: seriously...why the fuck do people care so much about sexual ethics

her: because sex is sacred...
her: common adam

me: I have a zillion reasons to dislike Gingrich having to do with his policy, what he believes about govt. what he did

her: my vagina is a flower


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