Friday, January 25, 2013

Tucker Carlson is an Asshole.

People have said, and will say, some ridiculous things. Sometimes, I can look and laugh, knowing that what's said is tongue in cheek and that not everything is worthy of faux-outrage so common today. (Go ahead, log into facebook right now and see how many things you're supposed to be pissed off about.)

Sometimes, however, someone can say something so callous and outrageous that it takes all I have not to throw my own computer in protest. Tucker Carlson just did that.

Here's his tweet after Panetta lifted (sort of) the ban on women in combat.

I shouldn't have to list all the women who have already given their lives and limbs in combat to make it clear that this guy is just an outright asshole. You'd think someone who considers himself a voice worthy of being heard--someone who gets paid to spout his idiocy on television and print would know better than to minimize the sacrifice of the thousands upon thousands of people braver, stronger and more resilient than he'll ever be--would think twice before writing something like this.

Clearly I've over-estimated others.

From a letter to Andrew Sullivan:
Without the combat designation, women veterans can be denied the benefits they need, particularly medical and psychological, because they were designated non-combat while serving. Receiving many benefits from the VA is dependent on "if the veteran engaged in combat with the enemy." A critical part of the approval process is what was the veteran's designated military occupational speciality. If women will have noncombat MOS even if they engaged in combat because they are women then that means the VA might not approve them for combat related requests for benefits.  Women are not being treated equally under the law because of the noncombat designation.


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