Sunday, March 25, 2007

American Idol...

OK, I've seen maybe two episodes of this show ever (I remember seeing Kelly Clarkson somewhere a couple of years ago and people flipping out and having no idea who she was...), but I clicked a link to this girl Melinda Doolittle. So, I watched her clips online and she's incredible. So...does anyone know when this show is on? I want to watch it now so I can see her and maybe even send in my text message vote so that she can win this thing. Yeah, I'm lame. Anyway, here she is (I'm youTube crazy lately)

Oh yeah, and who's that little girl crying for no reason? I saw another clip where Paula Abdul started crying...what's her deal? I mean, seriously...why was she crying?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tuesdays at 8, results wednesdays at 830 - barring special episodes... i think wednesdays might be at 8 now too

im a solid idol fan, i can explain it over tacos sometime if you want :-P

and melinda is amazing, lakisha too - blake is my favorite tho :)

8:43 PM  

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