Sunday, March 04, 2007


Blues, Beer and Sandwiches. When I think about DLI, that's what I remember.

It's Sunday today, and I'm in my room listening to the Blues. It's a little cold, the sun isn't shining, and I have no beer. If I close my eyes, I can vaguely imagine the sound of the surf and it takes me back...

We used to go to our beach, behind the Target and off limits. We were tresspassing. We'd take sandwiches and beer and go far enough out into the dunes that we couldn't be seen. The freeway far enough behind us we couldn't hear the cars.

The waves would come in and out and we'd lie there, half-drunk and silent, enjoying the sun and sand. When you'd sweat from the sun, it would stick to your chest and back and you'd have to roll over to keep from getting too hot. In the end, you'd be covered in sand and exhausted just from lying there.

We didn't talk much. Occassionally, Lee would ask some semi-deep question that had been on his mind. Adam and I rarely had answers, but it didn't really matter--we weren't looking for answers. Just enjoying the ride.


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