Thursday, March 01, 2007


My roommate is gone. I thought it would be cool, but I had no classes today, all drops, but a lecture after lunch. After four hours of sitting in here alone, I began to get bored. It was so quiet...I did all my errands and came back to the room. I walked around a bit outside, went to practice, then dinner, then came back to the room. I read some for homework and went to the firstie club. Somehow, coming back to an empty room just felt so much emptier after the day alone in here.

I'm pretending I'm a monk tonight...that every night is like this, and it's normal for me. I had no shoes on, and I imagined the linoleum floor was really rough wood. The wool blanket is easy to imagine because that's what I have too. In my imaginary cell is a single dresser with books, a single window and a washbowl. It's kind of odd, imagining myself as a monk, but, lately, it's not so difficult really.


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