Monday, December 25, 2006


Tonight, I saw Santa. He was at my Aunts house to visit the kids and had a bag full of toys and candy canes. He was going house to house, visiting children he saw.

As he was coming back to my Aunts house to finish off the night, I opened the door for him to come in. Just as he was stepping through the threshold, from down the block, we both heard a childs voice, "Santa!" A young boy, no older than five or six, was standing in the middle of the sidewalk waving enthusiastically.
Santa looked at me and said, " more, let's go." I watched as Santa went over and two more kids came from inside. The eldest, ten, looked like he was going to cry and said, "Santa! I knew you'd come! I'm ten and I still believe in you, so I knew you'd come!" Santa gave them all toys and candy and told him, "As long as you believe, I'll keep coming." Said his obligatory "ho, ho, ho's" and left as I watched him walk down the street and fade into the night.


Blogger Francesca said...

happy christmas, adam! woah..look at the facial hair!

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Adam! Lovin' the facial hair :)

4:19 PM  

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