Saturday, December 23, 2006

Chirstmas Leave...

Just a short post as I don't have much time, in bullet form, as I like that:
  • I had dinner w/ the Battaglia's today. A great family, Janelle, Alise, and the parents. Mr. Battaglia is a wine salesman, and the drinks flow, when I go there. He mad amazing crab cakes and we sat around talking for a couple of hours. I left with a copy of Reiner Marie Wilke's poems and Season One of the Office...Score!
  • Driving to LA tomorrow to see my (now pregnant) sister and some cousins.
  • Went out downtown w/ my friend Xavier from the Naval Academy and going out again tonight with some friends.
  • Watched all of Season Two of the Office and Little Miss Sunshine w/ my mom.

Pictures will follow soon as I got bored and took a shit-ton of pictures of all the Christmas wonderfullness that is currently my house. Christmas night is drinks and snacks at my place for all the twenty-somethings I, if you're around...stop by.


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