Friday, December 08, 2006

Merry Chrismahanakwanzakuh!

Well, last night was my last Holiday Dinner at West Point...pretty much the best night of the year and the night every cadet looks forward to. I've written about it before, and it was bittersweet knowing this was the end. No more 12 days of Christmas, no more cigars, no more santa hats at a bar where, literally, everyone knows your name...that was it.

I tried not to let the sadness overwhelm the festivities and instead focused on having fun. There were some new faces this year, as I'd only recently met some of my best friends here...and there were some old standbyes too...great people all around. What follows below are some pictures I took (with my new digital camera!!)

The plebes did awesome and we had the classiest table in the Mess Hall. All the Firsties at our table got Santa hats (which make appearances in most of the other pics) and the underclass got elf hats...ah ha ha, looking hot in elf hats!

Here is me with "the cup". You see, when I was a freshman, I got these cups for everyone on our table. I kept mine over the years and used it at every Holiday Dinner...the guy on my left is Mike his elf hat.

The Plebes gave some of us "themed" plates...Emily's was Chanukah (which I can't spell) and Mike's was Halloween...sweetness.

Tim and I took three pictures, this one is the best...

Chip and I took one...this one is, easily, the best

Here's me, Davey and Doobs...looking debonair as always with some loser Eagles in the back making jackasses of themselves...but you gotta love em for it.

Me and Ms. Mary...what would I do without her? Behind and to my left is Mikey B, making another jackass face. I don't think I've seen a picture of him not making a jackass face.

The Firstie Class managed to finish all the kegged beer in the, they started selling beer by the bucket. This is me celebrating the triumphant return of Koz with our first and second buckets of beer...also our last buckets of beer.

When all was said and done, Chris and I, the Ethics Boys, sat down and pondered the rest of our was a short ponderation session as it was crazy cold out by then.


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