Monday, January 09, 2006

Justice Sunday III...

I think anyone who knows me or who has read this over the past knows how fond I am of intertwining religion and state. Justice Sunday III was a great time for all. Rick Santorum, Jerry Fallwell, Lou Dobson and other crazies got together to warn God-fearing Americans that the greatest thing we have to fear is an "activist court" and, while I'm sure most of these people have no idea what an activist court reallly is nor anything else about the law, this quote on their website cracked me up:

We will place this ad in key states around the nation to encourage citizens to join the fight against judicial activism. Every American must know how close we are to another radical departure from our nation's roots. Will we continue to honor God on our coins and currency, on the facades of public buildings, at the beginning of Congress and at the swearing-in of our Presidents? Help us make sure that the answer is 'Yes!'

Um...right, because the whole "render unto Caesar" thing was kind of a joke right?


Blogger Michael said...

Well Adam, you can be content in the knowledge that one day their exclusive, self-righteous attitudes will lead to some well-deserved ass kickings. In the meantime, yes I have joined write about Japan (big surprise there, right?). Check it out (but don't friend me - I know you don't want any more of those, being as popular as you are).

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