Saturday, January 07, 2006

My friends crack me up...

This deserved a blog entry of its own. It is an email from a friend, and if you don't get the humor, you probably don't know me well enough...but, if you do get it, it's absolutely hilarious. In the way of explanation, it was written by a cadet friend of mine in reference to my myspace page and is absolutely genuine (I removed the name in case he'd be embarassed):

I didn’t want to put what I’m about to say in the message title on the off-chance that someone might be looking over your shoulder and read what I’m about to write, but – you are one of the cutest guys I know (and I mean that in a really good way). Even at 25 you’re still really honest, and…adorable. You’re like the “teddy bear” friend, which makes things all the more hilarious because you don’t like being touched (something I don’t really understand because your family is so intimate).

Now, so where is all this coming from…? Well, I just read your blog entries (I was looking through my “favorites” listings for links to delete), and I saw two things that really made me smile – one about a girl that you” really have a chance with,” and your profile about how you now want a relationship – both of which are really funny and cute to me because since I’ve known you you’ve always been one of the most asexual people that I’ve hung out with. So here’s to you (ex)roommate. Go get her.

How hilarious is that?


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