Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I Have No Game...

I realized last night that I have no game. Why you ask? Well, I actually found someone I might be interested in, which is, of course, jumping the gun...but it's more of a chance than I've seen in years and I thought to myself, "awesome!...now what?"

That's when I realized that I have no game and the dating skills of a 13 yr old. In fact, I might pull hair next time we meet...that's about how much I know about dating and the like.

James Carlson, the coolest guy ever, reccomended that I compile a list of good things people say about me, I thought that would be funny...like a resume. Maybe I'll build an interactive "I'm Cool...Really!" website where when you hover over a picture of my friends, they say things like, "Oh yeah, Adam kicks so much ass it hurts" and "He's probably the coolest guy I've ever known and you'd be dumber than Anna Nicole Smith to say no..." I think I'd be impressed if someone did that for me.

So, I've decided that pretty much barring someone else making the first move or me being really drunk, I wont ever move past...damn, this isn't even the batting box...I'm still in the warm up pit.


Blogger Claire said...

Adam, I hope you are having a really fun time at home, but if you don't update and help us working stiffs procrastinate, I'm going to have to give you a serious talking-to. Over and out.

4:02 PM  

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