Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Conflict of Beliefs...

My roommate is Mormon.  When I look over my shoulder, I see a picture of their Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley (one of the fake hand-drawn kind run through photoshop) with a quote that tells me to “Be Graceful. Be Smart. Be prayerful. Be True” a picture of the temple in Hawaii, and a cutout of one of those Sunday school drawings of white people dressed up like they’re from ancient Palestine illustrating some sort of Mormon story.

I’m the respect rep of the company and will probably be in charge of the entire program next year.  One of my main points of interest was religious tolerance…thus the question that’s been bothering me.  Is it possible to be offended by a religion?

If my understanding of some of their religious passages are correct, then I think an argument could be made that Mormonism is inherently racist and sexist.  Odd.  So what does one do when your values and beliefs conflict?  When my belief that tolerance of others religions is key to making the Army for efficient and effective and my belief that no level of tolerance for sexism or racism is acceptable come into conflict with one another, which wins out?

Then again, the second prong of my approach to improving the command climate of the army is homophobia…so again, when homophobia is a key tenet of the belief of many members of the military, how do I pull both beliefs of mine together without giving up on one or the other?


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