Monday, January 02, 2006

Back Again

I'm back at School again after another amazing vacation. Unlike summer, this time it was not a "party every night" as Alex described my last visit home. I did, however, eat very well, drink lots and otherwise have a good time. I always think I'm going to write some outstanding blog when I return from home about everything I did and all the cool things my friends said or did...and then I get here and trying to remember everything is so overwhelming that I can't possibly put it all in one post. There were, however, some highlights:

  • Chrismakuh party attended by friends, family and others, including, but not limited to the (ex)roommate Mikey, Yvonne (a cadet) the usual Fallbrook crowd with some faces from the past (Janelle and Becky G.) parents and Euijo Payne, a friend from my army past.
  • Hiking to an oasis for Christmas day.
  • Eating healthy because Alex, Chuck and the others are all far more conscious of that stuff than I.
  • Enjoying the new pub in Fallbrook which has many good beers on tap.
  • Meeting some new people.
  • New Years, which deserves a blog to itself, including hanging with the Atkinsons, Ms. Matlack, the Perry’s, Mi Madre and her boyfriend, the whole crowd, some additions, a hooka, absinthe, fireworks in the pool, chuck magically stopping a fire alarm, Gatorade powder and vodka and me otherwise “playin the fool” as I got progressively drunker…the hangover lasted nearly until I got on the plane to come back…at 2200 the next night.


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