Saturday, January 07, 2006

Jesus and rides!

So, apparently, and this is no big suprise, the religious right of Israel and America are joining forces. Pat Robertson, the guy who said Sharon had a stroke because he tried to "divide God's land" and who is otherwise a complete moron, is planning to build a theme park on the site where Jesus fed the 5,000. The Israeli Minister of Tourism said that the Christian market was very important for Israel's tourism industry and ;
"We would like to give them more of a reason to come here. We would be willing to lease the land to them free of charge and they would finance the construction."

My question is...if the fact Jesus walked and preached there isn't enough, how sad is it people faith could be so fickle as to be inspired to visit by crappy rides and overlypriced food? I can imagine the thought process now, "Jesus taught there? meh, I don't think so...what? What's that you say? There's a new ride? Well alright...Kids, pack your bags, we're going to Jerusalem!"


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