Friday, May 07, 2010

fri sat sun...

I'm glad to be using blogger again. I can write here without seeing all the people who may read this. I think it'll make me a little less cognizant of the audience, so I can be more open and honest (something I'm sure all of you who read this will respond, "yes Adam! More openness is what we were hoping!" because as you know, I've been pretty guarded over the years).

In any case, there's not too much going on today. I really wanted to go to Austin and go dancing because I spent about nineteen thousand hours listening to briefs about the Army today. It was pretty miserable. I didn't even get a good workout this morning even though we had to be at work work out. Go figure. But, sitting through the briefs, all I kept thinking was, "what's the opposite of sitting in uniform listening to someone who sounds like a random-army-cliche generator?? Yes! That's it! Dancing at one of those clubs I derided just the other day!" So, that's what I'd like to do.

The kink in the plan, however, is that I have no one to go to a club with. And, going alone is really out of the question. Why? Because when I break from dancing and I'm all sweaty and want some water, I suddenly realize that I'm alone there and stand awkwardly near the smokers while I drink my over priced bottle of water. When I'm dancing, I don't notice because I tend to dance with my eyes closed anyway. But, standing there with my water, you notice that everyone else is in little groups or couples and you're just...some dude with a water bottle.

So, that being said, I'm desperately trying to find someone to go out with me tonight.

As for the rest of the weekend, tomorrow is a walk for cystic fibrosis followed by kayaking, a party on the roof of Molotov (to which I will wear a skinny tie and new hip jeans) another going away party on the terrace of the Speakeasy and then, in sha allah, more dancing. Sunday will find me tubing on the guadalupe and otherwise enjoying life!


Blogger Alex said...

Adam! I wish you were here! We made a bunch of smokey beef tacos for my birthday and went out to watch some sweet hometown coutnry band! I drank about 4 margaritas made gourmet style by le patrique. i know you're anti drinking these days but hell this is nice. I would go out dancing wih you!! but it might be awkward, i don't know. check it out, i'm just sitting here trying to drink water so i wont be hungover when the in-laws come down tomorrow. Sunday i head up to minnesota to plant corn for my research project. How did I get here? Watching the days go by, water flowing under... Call me or write me a letter, mother effer. Hope you like this post. Peace.

11:14 PM  

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