Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I've run into a crisis lately. Not much of a crisis, just...reality setting in I guess. I have no friends. I do have friends, actually, just none within near vicinity of me. No one who, when I get bored, I can call and say, "hey, let's get a pizza." No one who when I find something awesome going on I can say, "sweet, let's do this awesome thing."

What's worse is, I have loads of acquaintences. That's worse than not knowing someone. Acquaintences talk to you about what awesome things they did over the weekend or say things like, "You've never eaten there? You really should, we went this weekend and it was delicious."

It's so bad I look forward to the work week. At least then I know for eight hours a day I have an excuse about why I'm not doing fun stuff. Fri through Sun I just sit at home feeling shitty and self-pitying. It's true. I'm not happy to admit that, but it's true.

So, I've applied to leave TX early for another course that I might be able to take in Arizona. Arizona kind of sucks, but, as I wrote my old friends, I'd rather be in Arizona with people I haven't already grown weary of with nothing to do than here in TX with people I'm not close to and lots of cool things to do...but no one to do them with.

I'm not sure if this mood will pass soon, but I'm sure it will pass eventually. But right now, I'm just waiting for the roller coaster to hit bottom.


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