Monday, March 29, 2010

know when to hold em

I had posted on the FB the quote that dating is like gambling, "you gotta know when to hold em..." etc.

To further that, since this is my first REAL dating experience, I would say it's a bit like being in Vegas for the first time, but you only have two choices: take your chips or home, or let it ride.

Every time we have a first (or, more appropriately, I have a first, since I'm the one new to dating), it's like I say, "let it ride." We have a good date and it's the first time I've had a date like that? Great...let it ride. I'm in a little deeper. We have a fight and get through it? "let it ride" I'm in deeper.

I'm winning. My emotional stack of chips keeps getting larger, but I don't get to hold them...someone else does, and that means someone else could easily walk away from me. There's a lot of trust. There's a lot of winning, but there's a lot of trust. For someone who's not use to that (me), it's difficult to trust that much. But, I'm doing it. I'm letting it ride. My stack keeps growing, and I'm winning...for now.


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