Sunday, December 13, 2009


I flew from Vegas, where my grandma was, to Phillie to catch the Army/Navy game. It was a two legged flight and I almost missed the first leg...they held the plane for me and several other passengers who had been stuck trying to get through the metal detectors.

On the first leg, I sat next a young couple, maybe my age give or a take a year. They were nice and polite and the girl drank enough that by the time we landed, she was slurring her words and it took her some time to figure out how to unbuckle her safety belt. On the second leg, I sat next to a hip girl about my age who has ADD, so she knitted the entire flight and also drank quite a bit. I wonder if it's just a function of our age group that everyone I saw who was around my age was knocking back little bottles of alcohol or if it was a function of flying out of Vegas. Either way, I found it interesting.

When I got to the game, I met up with a buddy of mine who'd been at the same COP as I was while in Iraq. He had a full on tailgate with four or five vehicles and a bunch of our classmates were there. TR, another friend of mine, flew out for the game as well. He drank a bit too much though pre-gaming it and passed out almost before kick off. He took off pretty early into the game unable to continue. My friend Miriam, who studies down in West Virginia, came up for the game as well on a whim and she's pretty much Army's number one fan. Her sister graduated from West Point and two of her brothers are Zoomies...but she's still an Army fan.

The game was fun and much closer than the score indicated. It was still heartbreaking as ever to see the Cadets lose, especially knowing it was the last class of Cadets that I know. They deserve to know what it feels like to be happy. But alas, it was not our year.

There is a lot more to write, and there are a lot of things I've been thinking of since leaving Vegas, but I can't get my mind to function properly to write lately. Hopefully the writing comes again, otherwise, this blog will become very boring very quickly and I may stop again. (Then again, there's no reason I can't write on and's pretty much for my own therapy anyway).


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