Tuesday, January 24, 2012

live blogging the SOTU

20:39 this speech is vapid, but at least not offensive (unless you consider lack of substance offensive)

20:36 give citizenship for service in the military--but you can't get a secret clearance, so you can't use the computers so...you can't really get promoted...seems a little "rock and a hard place"

20:32 Al Franken!!

20:30 Some of these things are just cheer lines...I don't know why I'm watching. (My husband just called my blogging "my work" :) I love this kid!)

20:27 the Joint Chiefs look REALLY bored...and where are the zoomies and Marines?

20:24 minimum tax on all corporations to support American companies? That's interesting...

20:20 it's all past so far...republicans are confused if they should clap for GM or not

20:12 starts of with a pander to the troops. No one can be against troops, right?

20:11 There should be a "no ovation" rule...either that or the opposite, more "you lie!" guys--I mean, at least TRY to be genuine.

20:08 Chief Justice Roberts greeted him with what appeared to be a rather warm and genuine smile...Ginsberg doesn't look well :(

20:06 Was that Dick Cheney?!

20:05 This whole thing has got to be the most ridiculous thing we do as a country. It doesn't drive policy, it's purely political. There are so many norms and traditions that are, what...a decade? old, why bother? It makes us all look petty and rather silly.

19:58 First lady's "guests" I hate that...people-props

19:57 Alito, Thomas and Scalia all skipped the SOTU...and Sotamayor--is this going to be her norm?


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