Thursday, November 03, 2011

proud of the past (if we ignore the present)

I found myself reading the GOP "Political Achievements" webpage today for no good reason (O.K. reason: I was looking for an outline of the now-dead GOP infrastructure plan).  I found it interesting...

The first, and most obvious, reason was that anything having to do with civil rights or recognizing that minorities have had a rough go of things in this country stops about seventy years ago.  The second is that even those things touts as "accomplishments" by the GOP website are now derided by the very people that are running for the GOP nomination for President.

The second thing is what I want to address here. So, I am quoting their website bullets (see their site here) and immediately below it are quotes from CURRENT Republicans about the same issues. My question, I guess, is does a current party have claim to "accomplishments" in its name if it has since turned its back on the very principles that made those accomplishments a reality?

  • Republicans establish transcontinental railroad.
Republican Governors across the country killed rail projects in their states, and some killed projects in OTHER states.
  • Republicans passed the 14th Amendment.
At the Republican debate, not a single candidate said he or she did NOT want it repealed. Not one.
  • Republicans established Yellowstone National Park.
Maybe they were establishing National Parks in order to drill in them
  • Republican party first called for ending segregation in the military.
I don't have to outline Republican opposition to ending segregation in the I?
  • Republicans established Federal Highway System.
Republicans block President Obama's attempt to build infrastructure. (They submitted their own plan which did nothing to fix infrastructure and which blocked the government from regulating emissions.)
  • Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act.
Ron Paul, Republican Presidential contender, would have voted against it. Republicans attempted to amend it at last passing in order to gut its ability to affect change.
  • Republicans ended Segregation in Little Rock.
Here's a journal article on the re-segregation of the south. Republican school boards all over the South are attempting to dismantle busing and de-facto re-segregate. The fact that segregation isn't the INTENT but IS the outcome is, I think, beside the point.
  • Nixon goes to China.
This one's rich...from the Log Cabin Republicans (yes, gay republicans):
[Obama's] lack of resolve in enforcing international human rights law in China leaves the US looking weak and undermines our reputation in the international community
So, there you have it...a list that the Republicans can, and should be proud of. However, it is clearly a list that if a current Republican Party nominee for President were to run on would get him booted from the party faster than saying "I don't hate gays."  Not a one of the items listed above could EVER pass as a party platform issue today...not only that, but the current party would block every. single. one.


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