Saturday, January 21, 2012

live blogging today...

I'm watching TV and cleaning, but didn't want to update my status 13809473 times, so instead, I'll "live blog" twitter...with no character limits.

19:11 headed to dinner, but a last thought, in reaction to this from Eric Ericson ( 
Basically, today’s vote is about Republican grassroots giving the Washington Republican establishment the finger. The base is angry, and right now, only Newt is left to fight for them, as imperfect as he is. We may still end up with Romney, but voters aren’t going to let him have it easily.
seriously? to fight the establishment nominate the guy who was speaker of the house when the current form of "conservative" took over the Republican party??

19:06 Fox News...I think they are subscibed to some "black conservatives" website...because they always have them on TV to comment...but then they show the Republican rallies and there are none there...

19:03 When Mitt Romney says that there's an assault on "free enterprise" what he doesn't get is that there's NOT an assault on free enterprise, there's an assault on crony capitalism and people who blithely game the system. There are things you CAN do and things you SHOULD do. Mitt Romney got filthy rich on (well, on his parents money...but) on doing things that one CAN do (with money to begin with) but shouldn't because it's unethical if not immoral and illegal.

18:58 Will Mitt Romney be the best "front runner" to never break 50%?

18:42 LOL! From Andrew SullivanExit poll crack: the under-30s went for Ron Paul again, even in the South. Paul beat Romney among the under 44s. Only the seniors seemed immune to the 76 year-old. 

18:18 Anderson Cooper just showed us The Cube where the "analysts" sit. They're all rather young, in makeup and have nice hair...nice!

18:16 The good news tonight, and this election, is that with Newt and Paul, there is proof and hope that super PAC's might be over. They'll still have money, and still put up a billion ads...but messaging, personality, debates and interviews will possibly be what people focus on. It's possible super PACs, for a short while, will simply spend themselves into futility...enough ads and people stop listening. They'll realize that eventually and use their money in less obvious ways (astro-turfing and others) but in the next election or two, they'll just throw money down the hole that is TV.

18:11 Lexington, S.C. CNN is bragging about how they have the "most people on the ground" in SC. Now I see why. Clearly they have an intern who they called last night. He's in an ill fitting suit, hasn't shaved, didn't get makeup so he looks like a lobster with a blush and stutters. There's nothing wrong with any of those, but I assume the only way someone so non-television ready got on television was because they were going for numbers and not perfection.

18:09 just heard someone say she "can't wait to see Newt debate Obama." I imagine the people who like how Newt debates are people who care not for the substance but only the style. But can you imagine a Newt/Obama debate?? That hatred that burns in his eyes when he thinks someone isn't smarter than him, being directed at Obama who, like him or hate him, always comes off as cool, calm and's going to be HORRIBLE in terms of imaging...and AWESOME in terms of democrat awesomeness...

18:07 40% of South Carolinians think Newt Gingrich is better poised to beat Obama than Romney. Who are these people and what have they been thinking for the last...oh...15 years?

18:04 I just heard Ari Fleischer say that Newt deserved "props" for his performance. While I agree...remember when giving someone "props" was hip/urban slang? Now it's being used on the national news by "respectable" people...

17:15 I just remembered I forgot to buy bread for sandwiches :/ SO! I adapted and overcame! I made sandwich tacos! Tortilla with lunch meat, mustard, pepper, tomato, cheese and red onion...oh, and a glass of wine!

14:15 brief mention of coordinated attacks in Nigeria including car bombs, gunfire and other...this doesn't bode well...

13:44 Head of the Evangelical vote says that "nobody knows what goes on inside a marriage" so it's unfair to discuss Newt Gingrich's marriage and that the media is bias by talking about it while ignoring Edwards or Clinton. Then, he says that he understands there's a different standard because Republicans bring moral into the question themselves. I don't remember Edwards or Clinton being ignored, but if he understands why there's a difference then how does he still see it as bias? The media isn't bias--the media is simply judging candidates by the standards they set for themselves--democrats don't care what you do or don't do in the bedroom.

13:43 re. Jon Henserling, I happened to stumble upon this article saying that we're on track to BEAT, not meet, Obama's desire to double exports by 2015. Moving on to cleaning now...

13:34 switched to CNN for some liberal bias. I'm watching two editors of The Wall Street Journal talk about Obama waging class warfare. Damn liberal media.

12:36 I swear...if I hear someone else say something about Obama "wanting" people to be on the govt dole or "wanting" people to be on food stamps. That's just a ridiculous thing to say...and yet, it's said at least four times this morning alone.

12:17 In an effort to seem more exciting and that he has "momentum" Mitt Romney's team has been busing in out of state Mormon college aged youth...ha!

12:11 Jon Henserling, "Obama's policies haven't just failed to make things better, they have actually made it worse." By what metric??

12:10 clearly I'm watching fox. GOV Mark Sanford on to talk about the candidates. I wonder why they didn't ask him about Newt's infidelity? Also...I think he just tried to quietly re-enter the lime-light.

12:04 Gingrich says that he thinks it's a good think for Republicans to stretch out the primary...I assume he's remembering the Democratic primary four years ago. The difference, however, is that the longer the primary lasted back then, the MORE excitement democrats and independents had for Obama AND Hillary. It was a decision time between two candidates we all liked and just needed to choose which we liked MORE. We were excited to have to choose between two people we saw as awesome. On the other hand, the longer this primary lasts, the more ridiculous they all look. The more debates, the more commercials, the more interviews, the LESS electable the republicans make themselves.

11:55--There is a LOT of talk on Fox about if it was fair to ask Gingrich about his affair. It's really interesting right now to hear how people discuss the issue. So far, I've heard someone say that if it was fair to ask about Bill Ayers and Obama's Pastor, then this is fair; that Gingrich isn't accessible to the press and that's 'not fair'; that Gingrich shouldn't attack the press--unless they're being biased for Obama; and, finally, that the press is biased toward Romney.  This election is, if nothing else, a real moment of introspection on behalf of the Republican party. Who you support as a Republican (Romney, Gingrich, Paul or Santorum) says a lot about which particular part of the party you support. The fusion of religious, social, fiscal and libertarian conservatism may soon end.


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