Saturday, January 07, 2012

live blogging the republican circus...

21:42...guess thats it...

21:32 Huntsman: "What [Romney] is saying is easy applause and a soundbite" but it hurts Americans.

21:31 Romney: "We want to replace regulations which kill with those that help!" so...the difference between republicans and democrats isn't the size of govt, but the efficacy of it? WTF...what republican party is this!?

21:28 Santorum: "I don't believe in middle 'class'"

21:28 Newt: Obama trying to establish a radical socialist european model

21:21Perry: There is a vision, "get america working again". Um...yes. Also, we'll win this game by "putting points on the board."

21:12 creating more jobs "How committed would you be to infrastructure building?"
Romney: bridges, roads, rail and air is necessary but fundamentally, govt gets in the way of creating jobs...entrepreneurship...europe...president wants us to be European..."I believe in an America that believes in freedom..."
Gingrich: You cannot compete with China if you have an inferior infrastructure--technologically smart and progressive--I would have an energy program to get us free from Saudi and Venezuela (what it is I won't say...but it's there!)
Huntsman: Earn our way forward--I would have followed Simpson-Bowles
Santorum: I would NOT have followed Simpson-Bowles...0% tax on manufactures and processors
Romney: "It would be great not to have taxes, but we have to have them" finally someone being smart
"we're only inches away from not being free" nevermind--apparently tax rates being the lowest since, what, the sixties, means we're close to socialism

21:05 I suddenly noticed the American flag pins! woohoo!! AMER'CA! Why don't Sawyer and Stephanolous have em? commies!

21:03 Ron Paul: ping pong?..."sanctions always lead to war."

21:01 Newt: develop a policy to replace the Iranian dictatorship.

Let's just invade!

21:00 Perry: I would sent troops back to Iraq.

Ha! LOL...seriously...we'd re-invade because, if he doesn't know, the Sovereign government of Iraq that WE set up doesn't want us we'd have to invade a country we made to send them back in.

20:59 Santorum: "[the President] makes the decision, not the Generals..." how often have the republicans said the President doesn't listen to the he's not acting independently enough?

20:58 Santorum: "We are the weak horse...they did it by withdrawing from Iraq..."

Bush withdrew us...remember the SOFA??

20:58 Newt Gingrich: I (again) think we're asking the wrong questions.

I like this tactic...always suggest a different question I have a better answer for...

20:56 Mitt Romney: I'll bring the troops home as soon as I can, not any later.

Great answer!

20:24 Drinking wine after Peter's Birthday dinner and watching the debate!


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