Wednesday, November 02, 2011

workish things

List of random grievances from today at work:
1.       The IT guy can’t type—he pecks with two fingers. This is a clear indication he should NOT be working with computer.
2.       Said guy called me to his office in the cold and snow. When I asked, “Can you ask me your questions over the phone?” he answered in the negative. After putting on my jacket and making the long trek, he asked me, “I need your name and phone number for this paperwork.”
3., where Peter and I have our wedding website (a  new fangled thing that’s all the rage w/ the kids), keeps sending us “what to do before you get pregnant!” or “girls night out tips!” I feel as though they should develop something to filter out same-sex couples from emails that are clearly designed for mixed-sex.
4.       An un-named Lieutenant who is NOT in the field with us was called to bring us out some computers. He drove out and called me asking, “Can you come get them from the car? It’s kind of a far walk.”  Seriously.


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