Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Bachmann is out!

This isn't an official prediction, but more a thought-exercise on "what if"--

What if her supporters split between Newt and Santorum just because non of the 75% of voters who voted for "not Romney" like him any more. That ups their numbers by 2.5% each.

Newt HATES Romney now, thanks to Iowa. There are two debates in New Hampshire where Huntsman actually campaigned. For the "we want a sane President", this adds one more option for non-Romney fans to turn to. Imagine if Romney and Huntsman come out close with Santorum and Gingrich coming in the top four as well.

Perry will campaign in SC, but will lose. His supporters? They're looking for far-right, religious zeal that Gingrich and Santorum provide but Huntsman and Romney do not. They'll support the former when Perry inevitably drops out.

Then there's super-Tuesday--maybe that's when the sane Republicans who do NOT like Romney (because no one does) will support Huntsman (maybe?)...

I'm just imagining ways in which Romney loses the un-losable election.


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