Thursday, January 26, 2012

live blogging the ninetieth republican debate

20:08 more live blogging. I'm done with debates.

19:59 Romney just smacked down Newt about promising everything to all states...

19:58 what is all this anti-chinese jingoism? It's ridiculous...

19:50 the all important future of NASA question--Romney, I'll get scientists and commerce to sing kumbaya. Newt: he just said NASA is mis-managed--in Florida. Wow...offer prizes to get an American on the moon. (no, really, he said that).

19:35 I wish I had enough money to "blind trust" let someone else invest and then get paid! Also...Newt just got his arse handed to him.

19:22 Newt, "No one should be trapped in a linguistic trap." Romney calls PACs "the people" They are SO far in the weeds about immigration without saying anything different at all...

19:21 Romney keeps confusing "legal immigrants" with Americans. The irony is strong, but I doubt his audience gets it--illegal immigrants DON'T TAKE AMERICAN JOBS

19:20 Mitt won this round without saying anything, really...

19:17 Newt, after running ads in Spanish, calls for English as the official language.

19:15 Romney--guest worker cards and e-system that employers can check. Just curious what's to keep people from asking me for my guest worker card. Think it won't happen? People used to ask my dad how much he charged for lawn care, five years after we moved into our house.


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