Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Soldiers are NOT the 1% being protested, so stop.

To my friends in the Army who are commenting that they are in the "1%" referred to in the "Occupy Wall Street" protests, please stop.

We are not. I know how much we all make, and we are NOT in the 1% referred to in the protests. It is a clever gimmick and slight of hand.  Not unlike Erick Erickson claiming that we're the 53% that are paying taxes (not true), this is a way of manipulating numbers. Worse, it's basically like a horrible case of using transitive property incorrectly.

The logic is this:
Protesters claim they are part of the 99% of those who own the least amount ->1% owns most->1% of Americans serve in the military = protesters are protesting the military.

It's not right and it's further politicizing the uniform in a way that does a disservice. Moreover, if you look at what we DO make, ALL Soldiers, minus a few flag Officers, ARE in the bottom 99%.  So, please friends, let's not politicize ourselves unnecessarily. We have a finite amount of respect due to our remaining above the fray and this doesn't help us. It only contributes to a feeling of entitlement and further exacerbates the civil/military divide.


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