Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cain policy = zoomba

Have you ever seen a zoomba work? It's one of those machine vacuums. You can pre-set it so it knows basically where big pieces of furniture work, but otherwise, it rolls along blindly until it bumps into something and then turns randomly and goes off in that direction.  Eventually, everything is covered.

Watching Herman Cain develop policy outside 9-9-9 is similar. 

He doesn't know what he believes other than the broad idea he's a "conservative".  So, if it's not about his tax plan, like a zoomba, he'll just make whatever un-directed statement he wants until someone tells him it's wrong, then turn in another direction and go that way.  Eventually, like a zoomba covering the floor, Cain will develop positions he'll claim to have always held.

What do I mean?

Here's an example. What's his position on immigration? Well, first he says he'll build an electrified fence. Then, when people are upset (even the ladies on The View!), he says he was kidding. Then, when he realizes the base likes it, he says he was serious, but didn't want to offend. See? Policy set!

After that comes his statement on if the US should negotiate for hostages. He says that he would, then during the debate said that he wouldn't, and when he said he would that he was misquoted or didn't understand the question, and then says that he wouldn't...but that he would.

I'm waiting to see what the "new direction" will be on his lack of knowledge about Uzbeki-beki-beki-stan-stan question will be.  I mean, he could always claim he was joking again, that seemed to work...


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