Tuesday, October 18, 2011

live blog late...

I came in late, but...
2052: Bachmann chimes in with..."I'm relevant!"

2043: I'm surprised at how derisively they say the word "Massachusetts" as though it's a dirty word. Can you imagine if Democrats said Alabama with a sneer instead of saying "folks" and dropping their ending "g's" to seem "one of the people"?

2040: the crowd boos Ron Paul for saying that the people in Guantanamo Bay were not terrorists, but suspected terrorists because they hadn't been convicted of anything.

2037: Bachmann: cut back on foreign aid to everyone but Israel and get reimbursed from Iraq and Libya. Um...ok.

2034: Why do we send foreign aid? Perry: we should debate that. We should defund the UN. Palestine circumvented the proper channels by asking the UN to recognize it as a state? WTF...if not the UN, what's the proper channel to be recognized as a state?

2032: In the last 6.5 years we've not had an attack on American soil, we've put more terrorists to trial and locked them away, we've killed Osama AND the American Imam. We've killed pirates and deported more people than EVER. But if you listened to the stage tonight, you'd think that we were being attacked on street corners by terrorist anchor babies...

2031: Cain: I would have a policy that we do NOT negotiate with terrorists. But, we'd have to consider the case. This guy caveats every answer with either "I was kidding", "you didn't understand my question" or "it's complicated."

2027:Newt Gingrich just called the members of the super-committee all ignoramuses. Somewhere John Kerry is rolling his eyes and reading something with more than four syllables.

2025: "Should defense be cut?" Bachmann: Iran disrespects the US. The President of Iran is a genocidal maniac and we need to stand up to Iran. Cooper: the question as about budget cuts...is defense spending on the table? Bachmann: yes.

2022: Newt Gingrich: How can we entrust you with power if you don't pray?

2018: reduce LEGAL immigration commercial airs on CNN. pathetic.

2017: no mention yet of foreign policy, domestic policy or social issues. Just health care and immigration...all answered with "the economy"

2014: I could apparently win this debate...watch, thirty seconds, ask me any question like, "how will you fix X?" me "X is broken! Obama hasn't fixed it...I know how to fix it. First, I'll do whatever Obama hasn't done because he didn't do it yet. Second, I'll fix the problem because I have a plan. Third, we'll fix the economy by fixing X. Obama doesn't know how, but I do!"

2013: The President doesn't have a jobs plan even now??

2011: Ron Paul points out the Banks WERE involved and everyone on stage looks at him like one normally does an eight year old doing a performance in your living room--just hoping it will end so you can go on ignoring him.

2009: Cain: Wall Street didn't implement failed economic policies?? WTF? Yes, they did! That's why the banks failed--failed economics. They failed BECAUSE the government didn't regulate. If we reinstated laws that were repealed, it would help fix it.

2008: Bachmann reaches out to moms while dressed as Chairman Mao's winter-wonderland doppelganger.

2007: The word "fundamental" is used a lot today.

2005: Perry: We sent a letter to congress asking them to "act". Santorum: You sent a letter, on that day, saying vote for the plan and there was only one in play...ha! He finally says something that makes sense.

2003: Why do people constantly say to "let the free market work" when it comes to energy? Our own history shows that when we "let the free market work" we end out with massive amounts of pollution as well as the poorest people taking the brunt of it as well as massive degradation of the environment.  Why? Because the "free market" doesn't dictate that one should do the best thing for the most, it dictates that one should do the cheapest thing for the most wealth.

2000: Yucca mountain question: Newt--look at it scientifically (ie. yes) Anderson asks, "you were for it in Congress, right?" Newt, "well...I worked with people from Nevada."

1958: immigration: something about faith and family and no-gay marriage

1958: Bachmann--does she support repealing the 14th Amendment? Something about anchor babies.

1957: disgusted looks from the audience at the very name "energy secretary"

1955: I'll fix immigration by...the economy. Yes Cain, just say "economy" and that's a good enough answer for any question.

1954: Ron Paul--see everyone as an individual. Surprisingly sound argument.

1952: Perry...if the crowd boos, don't say it again. If they boo a second time at the same line, you're not so bright. If you say it a THIRD time and they boo...you're ridiculous.

1951: Who do these people think cross the Rio Grande to get college education for free? The answer is NO ONE.

1948: Enforce English as the official united states government and a pledge to NEVER receive any benefits? What if they join the military and then the VA?

1948: Bachmann is on state...I didn't realize that. OOH! A DOUBLE walled fence! She's TWICE as strong.

1945: his answer...basically stated three times "fix the problem". 1. "close the back door and open the front" 2. Fix the government bureaucracy in DC 3. enforce the laws on the books. None of those are answers...they are all restatements of "fix the problem".

1945: Cain on the electric fence, this should be good...

1944: Perry and Mittens might fight!!!

1943: Question: Perry, how do you defend the fact Texas has the lowest rate of uninsured people in the nation? Perry's Answer: Well, we have a world class system. Me: Wha huh??

1935: Ron Paul--we'll make government smaller by passing tort reform laws...wha huh?


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