Monday, October 03, 2011

I just had a horrendous thought that the following things could happen (or, ARE happening now)...

Right now, the gay rights movement is gaining in momentum. The younger generation is with us an knows where this will all end out. Obama's speech at the HRC dinner really drove home the point. While his speech just a few years ago would have been unheard of, today it seems almost passe.

There is an election next year, and the economy is important. Civil Rights are important. If, however, the right so frames the debate as to say "we focus on the economy" and shoves all their anti-gay bigotry (which is there, even if people don't want to look at it) under the rug, then they won't SEEM as anti-gay to a whole crop of independents. These voters may very well WANT to further gay civil rights, but also want to see a change (any change) in the economy and vote in the Republican right wing.

The outcome? The natural progression of civil rights stalled for another ten years. Another Supreme Court Justice (or two) placed who do not see marriage as a "right".  The reinforcement of DOMA and possibly even an attempt at amending the Constitution (that will fail) to prevent marriage equality.

I would say that a de-coupling of economic and social political aims would be good for America. But I don't believe they are separable. So I guess my hope is simply that LGBT equality isn't stalled for a decade due to short term thinking and an ill-informed electorate.


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