Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Herman Cain question...

This is less a blog post than an email. In fact, it IS an email I wrote to a friend. I specifically wanted his take because he is African-American and had recently posted a reaction to Herman Cain's "brainwashing" comment. That being said, I thought I'd put it out there for further discussion. I have a rather varied group of friends so generally get good responses in return. it is:

I don't have much time...but I was wondering what your opinion was on the Cain interview where he was asked about his lack of participation in the civil rights movement. Was it a fair question? Is it a fair position? I feel it parallels quite nicely (or, should I say, quite poorly) the position of some gays today--let others do the work so that once the work is done you can simply step through the doorway they've opened and pursue other agendas.

This isn't to say that I feel that gays or African Americans OWE anything to the democratic party--politics is not family and once a political position is achieved (in this case equality) it is perfectly OK to say thank you and move on to another political aim while not being beholden to the party or people who achieved the first.

But, to drive home the comparison, when I look at groups like GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans, it's hard not to see them as opportunists who see more personal value in integration with the "oppressors" (in the case of Cain the white majority and in the case of LGBT individuals, the party that has made it a longtime agenda to deny them rights) over the long term than short term fighting for their own rights (and, thus, the rights of their children and others who are similarly oppressed).

Is it a valid position to take? To say that while a group is oppressed, and you are part of that group, you personally feel other issues are more important?

I ask not in an accusatory tone, but because it's something I've considered often within my own networks and did not see coming re. Cain. But it has come up now, and it cannot be ignored.


(that was longer than expected and will eventually be a blog post, I'm sure. I've also been thinking long about your progressivism post and am still formulating a response. I want to write something thoughtful without being combative, but it's difficult considering the issue. Unfortunately over text, often passion translates as anger)


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