Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sometimes I can be rather silly...

Funny story...I have these weird white spots that you have to put seltzen blue on to make go away. So, I was letting it soak and decided it would be a good time to trim my leg hairs. Unfortunately, the guard broke off and I shaved a bald spot onto the front of my leg.

"What to do??" I asked myself. The only option was to shave my legs! So, I started. But, much like when I tried to mow the lawn with a hand mower, it left big patches of hair all over my legs.  So, there I was, covered in Seltzen Blue, patchy haired and otherwise feeling ridiculous.

Oh, did I mention I'm getting married in six days? Yeah...I called Peter to let him know that I had mad an ass of myself and warn him about my now pre-pubescent legs.  Peter laughed at me and said that he should definitely move out here to stop me from doing anything like this anymore...he said maybe me idiocy would allow him an "exceptional family member" relocation.  We laughed...and...that's really all about that. But I thought I'd share was funny.


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