Sunday, August 03, 2008

Conversation I never thought I'd have...

So this is close to politics, actually, it is politics. So, I've failed.

Yesterday, while driving around with some cadets to go tubing, they decided to talk politics...something I try and avoid now. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, however, and let them continue. At one point, Cadet X was going on about how the McCain ad starring Paris Hilton and Britney Spears was a bad idea. Why you ask? Because, according to Cadet X, young girls would see it and then want to vote for Obama because they'd relate to the celebrities.

Um...seriously? WTF.

Later that night, I met an interesting character. He is a gay, Latino, Reserve Officer. What made him interesting (if not that?) He is a massive fan of the President and repeatedly argued with me that he'd rather have "Bush than Kerry or Bush than Obama." That was a direct quote. I pointed out that it didn't matter if he'd rather have Bush than Obama because it's not a choice he even has the option of making but that didn't seem to phase him. When I pointed out all the reasons that the, what is it, 72% of people who aren't happy with the President are on the right side of the fence he just looked at me dumbly. When I pointed out that, as a gay, Latino officer, he pretty much had the most to lose of anyone alive in America today following the same political path we've been on, he again just looked at me like I was speaking French.

Strange really. I've always imagined the die-hard Bush supporters as the caricatures painted of them in the media and whatnot and here I run into one, like an endangered bird in the wild, only to find out how ignorant I've been.


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