Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday With Friends...

This last Friday was my last night in the Baltimore area. Lee took the train up and Adam and Lee and I went to Lee's house...confused yet? Yes, there were two Lee's and two Adam's. Luckily we found an easy way to rectify this; I am Adam one, Adam Graf is Adam 2. Lee is Lee one and Lee Beck is Lee 2. Simple. Lee's wife Gosha (which I can't spell) was there too, but she didn't have a name twin, so I didn't mention her in the first line.

We went for sushi in a cool little BYOB restaurant in Fell's Point and sat around eating and drinking until the restaurant closed. Everyone liked Lee 2, which was hit or miss. You see, Lee 2 didn't go to DLI with us and no one knew him but me. He was a hit, however, and he will probably hang out with my friends more than I will get to now.

There were discussions about politics and religion and art and movies and all the things that people who aren't friends can't discuss but when you are friends form the basis of good conversation. We then walked back to Lee and Gosha's place to have a couple more drinks before we all had to part.

It's always good to see those guys and realize how far we've come, how much we've grown and what still lies ahead.


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