Saturday, July 12, 2008


So, I'm out in Austin w/ my friend Zach tonight. He is from USMA '08 (I know...who knew that the last year would go by so fast?) we went to some bars and walked around Austin and, when last call happened, we found out we needed to be on Fourth and Something ("something" being a street I don't currently remember) I walked up to one of those tourist bike guys who gives you rides to your car if you're drunk for tips and said, "hey man, where is fifth and something? that way (pointing right) or that? (pointing left)"

He looked at me and said, "Adam."

I looked at him unsure of who he was and, after a minute of reflection, realized it was Chris, my old friend from USMA prep. He was my classmate and left the academy our Cow year. I haven't heard from him in any fashion other than facebook for some time and thought to myself, "Holy Cow! This is a small world!"

I jumped on his bike for a ride and heard about his life (aspirations to teach) and talked about our current lives (happiness meter on my side: 50% at best) It was a great surprise to see him and, hopefully, we'll hang out soon.

Zach, also, was a nice surprise. He's here for the weekend or, at least, until he is bored. We haven't seen one another in a year and things were awkward at first. He's far smarter than I and I think we both know that, however, we met as plebe and yuk and that relationship still somehow matters. I told him, in all honesty, about my time in the Army and what life is like. He had some drinks and otherwise enjoyed Austin.

It was/is nice to see old friends and remember where I came from and how happy and expectational I was just a year ago. I think, in a lot of ways, this will help me to truck through the next few difficult weeks. I don't know about you all, but, much like an adult seeing a child who wants to be a firefighter makes you remember what you wanted to be; seeing Zach as a Lieutenant reminds me of who I should be now.

Good times in Austin...Old friends found...Life, tonight, is good.

**disclaimer- I was kind of (a lot) drunk when I wrote this when we came back last night so I hope you all take the post for what it's worth, but I don't really like to delete things once I've posted them--even when they're poorly written.**


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