Tuesday, June 10, 2008

DC and Baltimore

I wish I had my camera. A friend gave me one which I left at home so I haven't been able to chronicle my adventures here on the East Coast (where I am visiting for work).

This weekend was amazing as I got to see old friends and (a surprise) spend time with my Godmother. Basically, I've been spending all my free time in between Baltimore and DC. I went to Arlington where I looked for Tim Simmon's Grandmother (and think I may have found her picture, but I'm unsure) and also saw JFK again. I've also eaten lots of good food and wandered both cities endlessly enjoying the people and architecture.

I went to my first Bat Mitzfah (which I don't know how to spell) and went to a Jewish Brunch on the Potomic in a house so large it could have fit two or three of the one I grew up in. The training here is actually pretty good too...so it's nice. Most often either the training is good but the location is bad or the inverse. In this case, both are good, so it's been a great two weeks. In two more weeks (give or take), some friends are visiting me and we're going camping and hiking and shooting and tubing...good times shall be had by all.


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