Monday, April 28, 2008

Go green, it feels great!

So, I have TV at the hotel I'm in...might have mentioned it before. Anyway, last night, I almost threw a brick through it, but luckily there were no bricks in sight. You see, there was a special on "green living" on HGTV that was the biggest crock of green-shit I've ever seen.

Between the crappy fake-green ideas on the actual shows were even worse commercials where companies tried to sell anything they could and call it "green". For example, Coca-Cola T-shirts made out of partially recycled bottles!! The girls selling the shirts said something like, "If everyone buys one, it's like we recycled 1 million bottles!", it's like we bought a million extra shirts for no reason, and that's not like recycling anything goddamn it! Or some company selling cleaning products but using methane gas from a landfill to power their products, "It's like saving oil!" Right, it is...and instead of oil, it's not like, it literally is, flushing barrels and barrels of pesticides and chemicals into our water.

Not to mention the fact that the goddamned show told people to buy buy buy, thus creating more waste. What's "greener" I ask, buying new green sheets and throwing older non-green ones out, or just keeping your old sheets because you already have them and there's nothing wrong with them? Hmmm....

Also, there was never any mention of the simplest green thing anyone can do...changing my lifestyle in order to consume less, create less waste and take less energy in. Oh well. At least we can say our generation coined the term "green-washing" when everything has gone to hell.


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