Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is there pigmentophobia?

So there's all this craziness about Mylie Cyrus's Vanity Fair shoot, which is really no big deal. It's a portrait, whatever. Anyway, so after all this talk about her being "topless" (it's a back people), it got me thinking about what really bothers me about Vanity Fair...which is the fact that the magazine is apparently allergic to pigment. I realize these may not be scientificially representative, but they were the first ones I found when I googled Vanity + Fair + Cover:


Blogger Alex said...

Hmm, I was not even aware of this issue until I read it on your blog--thank you for being my voice of pop culture. I think I disagree with you though, Adam, about it not being troubling. In an art gallery I would see this as simply a beautiful photograph. But on a magazine cover a picture a fifteen-year-old girl wearing a bedsheet is, to me, another indication of the way pop culture sexualizes girls and then, when they become young women, paints them as sluts for being sexual. Can we all say, "Britney"?

That they are all pasty white is another issue--the night-crawling, Vitamin D deficiency look?

1:09 PM  
Blogger TimFS4 said...

Hey, I saw one black girl in there.

11:11 AM  

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