Friday, May 23, 2008


My Grandfather's death has been a source of many awkward conversations for the last week. But, it has also been the impetus for many great, heartfelt conversations which otherwise may never have happened between my Uncle and I. My Uncle looks so much like my Dad, and yet is so different from him, it is astonishing. They have so much in common too, however, that it is always hard for me to see or talk to him. In any case, one thing I have come to realize over the last week is that I am my father's son...and that makes me very happy.

The funeral has been set, and Grandpa will be interned in the same cemetery my father is in (the Rosecrans National Cemetery in Point Loma). It will be nice for me to know they are together there, even if they were never together in life. It does raise the question, however, if I were to die in Iraq, would I want to be buried there? Part of me feels that it is the obvious choice, but anyone who knows me knows that I bleed black and gold and there would be no other place for me than the West Point cemetery were I to die in combat. Hmm...the choices we face.

It will be nice to go home again, even if for a funeral. I think in the case of this particular funeral, it will not be the typical gnashing of teeth. There will be tears, and we will be emotional, but I think, more than most funerals, this will be more joyous as my father's family gets together for the first time since his passing. Unfortunately, my Aunt Janet will not be there as she is herself bedridden with cancer.

Funny how callously I say things like that now, whereas a few short years ago, death, cancer and all that comes with it were so foreign to me. I guess times change...


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