Sunday, April 27, 2008


I've spent the weekend here in Arizona with my mom and it's been amazing. We went to Tombstone and had ice cream and sandwiches then went to Bisbee. We went through some antique shops and pointed out all the things that reminded us of my Grandfather's house and saw some local artists. We drove around looking at houses and getting flyers of some that were on sale, imagining what it would be like we were able to afford one and live there. We had some drinks at the haunted hotel and watched the Padres win against the Diamondbacks in the twelfth inning and then headed home. Today, we just sat around watching TV and enjoying each other's company until we met up with the Gomez twins, two girls I had been friends with in high school, for dinner. The four of us reminisced for a while and caught up (we are, all three of us, now in the Army). At the end of the evening, we were walking to the car and Vickie stopped and said she had to share something with my mom...

She told my mom that she remembers the first time she came over to the house and my mom and dad were curled up on the couch in a blanket watching TV and how she had always wanted that for herself. She has since gotten married and she and her husband do that themselves. My mom cried and I gave her a hug...but it was nice. It was nice to remember how things were and know that, even for someone who didn't know my dad as well as some did, the little things are still remembered.


Blogger Alex said...

Aw man, makes me tear up a little too, dammit. Anyway, Go Padres!

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