Monday, February 05, 2007

Sitting in my National Security Seminar class today, we were discussing what is and isn't in the National Interest. My teacher pointed out that no one had mentioned having a social welfare network. Someone asked what she meant, and she said, basically, welfare and other ways to help the homeless and those in poverty. The girl next to me skoffed, "'s their fault." To which I replied, "You're kidding right?" She said, "Oh...sorry, was that disrespectful Respect Captain?" So, due to her snide use of my job as a response, I said, "No, not all ignorance is disrespectful." She then said, "Oh please, we have an upwardly mobile society. If they want to get off their asses and work, they don't have to live on the streets."

Sometime around that point, I had to stop listening because I was going to vomit a little in my mouth.


Blogger Alex said...

Funny, in my class yesterday we were discussing why economic growth always ends up increasing inequality. Read Ch. 2 in An Invitiation to Environmental Sociology. Not that you're the one that needs to, but it has some very logical and simple arguments for why she's wrong.

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