Monday, January 22, 2007

harsh reality.

It's rare I post overly emotionally, but tonight is one of those nights, so I'm hoping my fingers will be able to follow my thought pattern because there is so much I want to get out and don't know if I'll have the time or clearness of thought...

What started as a political discussion ended with me wanted to break a friends nose. Not in the hypothetical sense, but I left because I knew with one quick swipe of the book in my hand, I could see him bleed...and really kind of wanted that. You see, without getting into the discussion, I will tell you where it ended. It ended with him telling me, and this is a direct quote, that cancer comes from people and "their vanity". Yes. Cancer is caused by peoples vanity.

This was after listening to two prep school kids, both of whom have enough money to take vacations to the bahamas, south asia, Florida or Europe everytime we have more than three days off on their parents accounts talk about how people need to be "self reliant" and how affirmative action and welfare are bringing America down. It makes me wonder if they'd be as adamant about the "wrongness" of the estate tax if it weren't their estates that were being taxed.

These are guys who do nothing but drink and fuck, but will then debate the merits of abortion with me? Oh, sure, they freely admit they would ask girls to get them if they got the girl pregnant, but are only reluctant supporters of keeping abortion safe and legal, and will, without a second thought, vote for someone (such as Sam Brownback) who would make it illegal. When I pointed out that it would only be illegal for those who couldn't afford a black market abortion, they might as well have toasted they thought it was so funny.

I realize, very rarely, what different worlds we come from. Tonight...tonight was one of those nights.


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