Thursday, January 25, 2007

Firstie Photo...

Yes, another milestone. As I was getting dressed to take my senior picture today, I started to get all nostalgic. It's odd to think I'm actually going to graduate, because there seemed to be so many reasons for me to quit, or get kicked out, or fail four years ago that, while I wanted to graduate, it just didn't seem like it was really going to happen.

As I put on my uniform, one item at a time...white pants, full dress top, saber belt, saber, sash...I began to look more and more like a cadet, more like someone other than myself. I had that experience before, years ago, and remember writing my dad a letter from basic training, telling him how strange it was to wear the army uniform and see the name Harmon, but in reference to me and not him. I felt like I was dressing up, playing like I was my father for Halloween.

There was no dressing up this time. I am actually going to accomplish this, after so many years, and I did it for myself. Strange...but cool.


Blogger TimFS4 said...

I used to dress up in my father's BDUs almost every Halloween from the first one after he got out of the Army. My brothers and I used to play commando wearing those BDUs. The one thing we were never allowed to play with was his flight suit, which he wore to school on Veteran's Day when we were younger.

I, too, felt as if I were an imposter wearing my own uniform when I was a plebe. One of the only poems I've ever written is about that.

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