Monday, January 22, 2007


I didn't write enough...

I remember some nine years ago, my friends dad had just died of a brain tumor. It was completely sudden and I didn't even know his dad was sick until he was out of school and stuck at home taking care of his dad, who passed very soon afterwards. A few months later, we were at a play with a friend of mine...a new age kind of girl. She was telling us what she believed in, such as 'the power of the mind'. She told us that, for example, people die of cancer because they "don't have the internal strength to fight it." Now I know how he must have felt.

The kid tonight was demanding answers...basically arguing that if I didn't agree with him, then I must have answers of my own. Unfortunately, it seems questions are all I have right now and all I have to offer. But, if the choice is between offering a good question, or accepting a poor answer...I will go with the former.


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