Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Bright Side...

Every once in a while, I get stuck on duty for the weekend. There are plenty of things I could complain about, but there's one part about it I like. I have to stay awake until everyone is accounted for, which normally means really late nights. Once everyone is accounted for, I turn in the report to the officer on duty, and come back to my room. The trip back to my room is always a treat. You rarely see the school empty. While it's not empty at 3AM, everyone is asleep. There are no sounds but my own feet and the wind. Tonight, as I came back, I could see the new library, which is wrapped in plastic, and glowing from the inside out. All around me are high granite buildings which look like castles, and the sound of the wind. It's an awesome feeling, though the entire place belongs to me. There's a weird moment where I almost feel like we (West Point and myself) are connected or conversing. I don't have to say anything, obviously, because the buildings are silent...but I think, as I walk, about how happy I am I came here...and I think it feels the same.


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