Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Friends are So Cool...

Back when Al and I had the Chrismakuh Party at my house, my roomate Mikey came back home with me to celebrate. Before the party began, he asked me what he should expect of my friends. I thought about James and Chuck, Alex and Claire and Heath, Dan, Bonnie and some others, and I realized they had little to nothing in common other than...well, I liked them. So, I told him, the only thing he can really expect of my friends is they'd have nothing in common other than I thought they were cool and that was enough to enjoy their company.

Last night, my friend Tim read some of Al's blog and seemed pleased. I smiled as I realized that my friends really are some of the best people I know. Moreover, I can look around and see remanants of you all around me. Murakami-Mikey, Water resource books-Al, Temecula Valley Flight School T-shirt-Tanner, Russian belt buckle-Adam. So maybe I am just a hodge-podge of those who I've met before, but...I like to think I took the best of you all with me.


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