Sunday, April 30, 2006

Great Weekend...

Friday night was the dinner celebrating 30 years since the first women got into West Point. There was a convention of sorts for all the female old grads and the final event was a really nice dinner in the mess hall. The Glee Club sang and, while the organization didn't go so hot (we took over two hours to sing ten minutes of music) we were able to listen to the speaker, who was very good.

I went to Irish Eyes, a really small bar, with my friend Pat and we ate an assload of appetizers and had a beer each. It was nice...blues music, beer (not drunk) and fried food. It was, basically, a great way to end a fairly stressful week.

Saturday morning was Sandhurst, an 8 mile obstacle course of sorts. Each team is made up of ten people and I ran behind our team yelling and whatnot to support them. There were about thirty of us running with the team and it was a beautiful day out. We all got dirty and exhausted, then I showered and went to a dinner for the Lifetime Donors of West Point to represent the Glee Club. They had about a dozen cadets there to represent the clubs which are the greatest recipients of funding, so Glee Club, Model UN, Parachute, Rugby and Debate (and, of course, football). I met all the people who have halls and buildings named after them and there were free drinks. From there, I went to a bar with some friends and ate pizza then back to bed around one.

I woke up Sunday and me, Mike and Kim drove to the city for Dim Sum, which was awesome, then walked from Chinatown to Little Italy where we ate Gellato. The weather was again nice, so we just walked around NYC for a while then drove home where I am currently listening to a bagpipe convention joke.

What an awesome weekend, y'know? Good people, good food, good beer...couldn't really ask for more.


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Holy crap, you have got to post more about that bagpipe convention.

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