Sunday, April 16, 2006

I Like Ike...

I realize I'm almost "live blogging" a recorded speech, but this is another Ike quote I like. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite Presidents...

"It is an ancient truth that freedom cannot be legislated into existence, so it is no less obvious that freedom cannot be censored into existence. And any who act as if freedom’s defenses are found in suppression and suspicion and fear confess a doctrine that is alien to America."

I can't help but feel sometimes that we, as citizens, are frogs sitting in a slowly boiling pot. I talk to friends and I point out that the President has broken the law, that his Vice President authorized the outing of a CIA agent, that the Sec. of Defense has encouraged torture, that the Attorney General authorizes torture and called the Geneva Conventions "quaint", that Justice Scalia's son's law firm argued Bush V. Gore which made Bush President and didn't recuse himself...and yet...nothing. No anger, no worry, no demand for action. Instead, what I normally hear is something similar to "well, all politicans are corrupt."

Yes, the water temperature is rising...and we're complacent. Slowly, we're allowing the level of corruption and dishonesty to rise to a level that will, unchecked, ruin the democracy and fundamental nature of our Country. Unless we do something, unless my generation acts, we will not only squander the freedom that the "Greatest Generation" won, but we will pass nothing on to our children but a government that exists not to serve the people, but to be served by them.


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