Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blue Note...

I went to the Blue Note this weekend. It was awesome...a great Blues Venue. The night had everything I could hope for including rain, Thai food, a sultry singer, dark lounge, drinks, smoke and cloves in the rain. The singer, Karrin Allyson, was the best vocalist I've heard live and really made the night.

I hung out and watched a movie about Patty Hearst with my friend Mike and then Dubois showed up mid movie and I tried to explain to him what he missed. I challenge anyone to try and explain the Patty Hearst scenario to someone after she goes nutso...far more difficult than you'd imagine.

And to round out my random thoughts post for this evening, I read this Bush quote today:
"We've got a real problem when it comes to oil. We're addicted, and it's harmful for the economy, and it's harmful for our national security,"

um...right. And how did we get so dependent upon oil? Was it possibly because we had oil executives write our energy policy?


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