Friday, April 28, 2006

Poor Press...

I'm not one to bash the press in general, but for the first time I can validate that there is simple poor reporting going on. Read this article about West, I was here. There was no "riot" it was cadets yelling for naked man, waiting for him to come out and then getting rowdy and throwing stuff out or happens all the goddamn time (see the video here), it has happened for years, and it will keep happening. The only thing that made this day different was there was a drug inspection that morning and the Officer in Charge over-reacted and called the cops in. So, apparently, the manner in which someone reacts to a situation is now the determining factor in what is and isn't a "riot". Not the definition of a "riot" which includes violence, which ours did not. Hell, the report they cite also said there were "gang-like groups of cadets" which was, in essence, six kids standing in the doorways.


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